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7 months since i don’t go travel! I’m so sorry, I’ve been busy with work and stuff. I want to draw something so I’m sharing it when i finish. I hope you are ok and keep playing the seiken games ;)

My husband and I made Li’l Cactus out of clay today ( ゚ヮ゚)!

My husband and I made Li’l Cactus out of clay today ( ゚ヮ゚)!

gummybugs-deactivated20140218 said: oh my gosh i love this blog so much thank you for sharing your adventures and ideas with us li'l Cactus!!!

FanFic: After Mana’s Reborn

The Mana tree was purified,

by two heroes the world still lives,

one become the Mana Goddess,

the other travels the world and keep its energy.

But the chaos that once affected our land,

is returning to bring despair and suffering 

to the noble people of Fa’ Diel.

Anise has waked by Mana’s power.

I don’t know about RP groups but i can do some FanFic :D

my english it’s not that good but i will do what i can, hope you like it

Anonymous said: Lets make a Legend of mana RP group! :D yes?

how do we do that? :D???


Legend of Mana 


Legend of Mana 

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Hey =)

it’s been a while i haven’t post something, but i’m just so busy saving the world now. YES, I’M SAVING THE WORLD. Master bought me a PSP :3

See ya~~

Anonymous said: Little Cactus, do you have any friends who are also plants?